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Funny Jokes & VideosFunny Jokes & Videos

Blind Date - Olde English Sketch Comedy
Π and e are on a date -- but one of them has a chilling secret!

Age Problem With A Funny Ending
Those zany algebra kids can some times get a bit risque.

Mean Median & Mode Math Learning Upgrade
A funny video that teaches one how to find the mean, median and mode.

Mathematical Pi Song
A video made in honour of the international Pi day.

Math Integral Joke
Fun with integrals - one has to know about basic integrals to understand this joke.

Mathematical Proof That There Is No God
A proof that uses set theory to prove the non-existence of God.

Mathematical Proof Of God
A video for atheists and those who doubt God's existence.

Long Divistion
Funny clip from an old black and white movie. Watch as this guy gets a lesson in math from his old parents. Anyone know what show this is from?

How To Do Girls
Bikini Calculus - the integral constant rule.

Funny Math Problems
A video collage of funny math problems and answers.

Math Homework 911 Call
A boy calls 911 to get help with his math homework.

Verizon Math Fail
Conversion between dollars and cents can be a big problem.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
This lady clearly does not know her math on "Who wants to be a millionaire?".

Funny Math
Theorems that prove basic mathematics is wrong!