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Welcome to Winnipeg TutoringWelcome to Winnipeg Tutoring!

MeIf this is your first time here, please take the time to read the information below on how to navigate the site and to learn what kind of resources are available for you here.

There is a large variety of information available on this site ranging from useful course materials, such as course reviews, sample problems and old mid-terms and exams, to witty math jokes and funny videos.

If you have any questions about the services I provide, check out my FAQ page.


Booking a Tutoring SessionBooking a Tutoring Session

Before you book an appointment, please make sure that the course you are taking (or a course with a similar content) is listed on the courses offered page. Note that the majority of courses listed there are first-year courses, however, certain second year courses are still offered. Check with me if you are taking a second-year course that is not listed.

To reserve a time slot for a tutoring session please check my bi-weekly availability to find a time slot convenient for you. The slots can fill up quickly during the midterm and final exam time, so if you would like to meet several times, e-mail me with a list of all desired slots, and I will reserve them for you.

If you need to meet with me urgently, and you don’t see any suitable time slots, don't despair! Send me an e-mail, and I will most likely be able to postpone less urgent tutoring sessions and other events in order to accommodate you.

My contact information can be found in the main menu under contact info.


Useful Course Material - Notes, Reviews, ExamsUseful Course Material - Notes, Reviews, Exams

Have you ever had a textbook that didn't explain the course material very well or a professor who didn't give you enough practice questions or old mid-terms and exams to help prepare you better?

Over the years, I have collected a great a deal of various useful study materials that are available to you in the resources section located at the top of the right sidebar.