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Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the questions that students tend to ask me on a regular basis. Click on the question to see an answer. Do not hesitate to contact me if there is something else you would like to know about the tutoring services I provide.

Have you taken every course that you offer for tutoring?
No. However, all first year mathematics courses are extremely similar, and, although I might not know the contents of every individual course, I can tutor them all. Over the many years of tutoring that I've done, I've had an opportunity to tutor every first-year math course offered by the U of M.
Your rates exceed my budget. Any discounts?
Yes. I have a whole range of discounts for students who require more than one hour of tutoring per week and those with limited financial resources. I will try to negotiate a discount with every student individually. See rates for more information.
Do you tutor high school students?
Yes. I have tutored high school students before, and it worked out really well.
Do you tutor students from the University of Winnipeg?
Yes. U of W course contents are very similar to those of the U of M.
Do you do group tutoring?
Yes. Although, group tutoring tends to be a little more difficult, because some students grasp the material more quickly than others. Nevertheless, group tutoring is still a good way to learn and is certainly cheaper.
Do you have a specific place where you usually meet with students?
No. I will tutor almost anywhere. In the past, I've met at campus libraries, coffee shops, students' homes and even at my home. I always try to find a place that is both conducive to learning and is feasible in terms of distance.
Can you tutor me in the comfort of my own home?
Yes. However, if your home is located far away from mine, I will ask you to pay for the time I spend travelling.
Are you able to issue a receipt for income tax purposes?
Yes. You can view the sample receipt here.
Do you guarantee that I get the grade I want?
No. I can only improve your problem-solving skills, not make a genius out of you.
Do I get my money back if I fail the course?
No. I charge only for the time I spend attempting to enhance your understanding of the material and problem-solving skills. If I think my efforts are futile, I will not charge you anything and I won't continue tutoring you either.
Have you ever refused anyone your help?
Yes. I have met a few students who wanted me to teach them the entire course mere days before the exam. No matter how hard you cram the material, you cannot grasp the entire course within several days.
Are you affiliated with the U of M?
No. This website is intended for private tutoring only.