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A Note On MyselfA Note On Myself

My name is Vadim Kononov, and I am a former student of the University of Manitoba. In June 2010 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics and a minor in German. Currently I am working as an Application Support Analyst at Manitoba eHealth.


Why I Became a TutorWhy I Became a Tutor

When I first started university, tutoring was just a means of making a little extra money to make ends meet. Before long I realized just how much I really enjoy it! I meet tonnes of new people, get to know them, help them, encourage them to succeed and then watch them smile with pride when they do well.


Hope for the FutureHope for the Future

I've been told by many of my past students that I should become a teacher. Tutoring has shown me the life of a teacher in a whole new light - it's exciting, fascinating and exhilarating. One day, with a little bit of luck, I, too, will be teaching at a university.